Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pinned and Getting My Cro-Jo Back

I spent yesterday afternoon needle felting a few more pins.
button found at a charity shop
bead taken from a bracelet that Bill picked up at a charity shop
background left from an earlier project attempt--I reused the rest of it and this was left, so I added birds

Bill spotted the pendant in a charity shop when he went in to pay for books we'd picked up in the entryway
crocheted this several days ago from a small scrap ball of a Noro yarn, then added a mother-of-pearl button
I'd been in a slump again, having lost my cro-jo and generally feeling those summer blahs that make me want to crawl into bed and stay there until October. But yesterday afternoon I decided that I'd wasted enough time and started needle felting, since the stuff was still downstairs and it required no effort to retrieve it.  Then last night, I went upstairs, settled into the bed, leaned back against the pillows, and treated myself to some happy time reading a crochet magazine our daughter had sent. I'd been saving it for a few days and last night was the perfect moment. It's a good one, too, and from the first pages, my head was buzzing with ideas. That followed by a few days my perusal of a different, and apparently one-off crochet magazine that she sent. It was also filled with idea-generating content. So at the moment, I feel the old cro-jo coming back. And it is definitely cro-jo right now. I sometimes go back and forth between techniques, while at other times, I become rather obsessed with one of them and that is what I feel like I must do. Right now, it's crocheting and happily, I now have no shortage of ideas, so hooking it will be!

It's the middle day of our bank holiday weekend here. We had a lovely hard rain shower a while ago. That was nice. It was nice because it made me happy and because it means we do not have to go to the garden to water stuff. This leaves me more time to read and crochet.

I hope your weekend is beautiful and creative and spent in the company of your favourite people!

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