Saturday, May 13, 2017


There's a woman who come to the library on Friday mornings to expand her crochet skills. She is an experienced knitter and wanted to add crochet to her repertoire. She started by making a hat. When that was finished, she wanted to learn how to make a basic granny square, so we started on that. There are so many ways to make a granny square--even the 'traditional' one. When she asked me to teach her how to do it, I had no advance notice, so was not able to bring her a pattern. I just talked her through the start of it and she set herself up to continue at home. She came back the following week with a few mistakes that impacted the shape--it's hard for beginners to remember to make the corners--so she ripped back and crocheted on. Yesterday she wanted to start over again to see if she remembered how to start. I wrote down the beginning for her, but that was all I had time to do before she had to leave to catch her bus. I told her I'd look for a pattern we could print or copy so she could take it with her. Last night I looked for one online that would not be confusing. It had to be in UK crochet terms and have the same numbers I used, since she has memorized those--it's just where to put things that occasionally trips her up. I had no luck--some patterns used 1 chain in the corners, some 2, and some 4! The number of chains in between each set of 3 trebles (dc in the US) also varies. It is working well for her to do one chain. When I make a granny, I make no chains in between, because if I do, the piece ruffles. I have some patterns in my stitch dictionaries, but they are in US terms, so won't help here. I guess before next week, I will write out the pattern. Maybe I can take some in-progress pics, too.

The square she is working on will be given to a woman she knows who takes donations of small blankets and clothing for babies and squares of all sizes that can be joined to make larger blankets for the beds of some people in assisted living. She enjoys making things to donate. I decided to make her a square that could either be a small baby blanket or part of a larger one. I gave it to her yesterday.

She gave me  a bag of tiny scrap balls. She told me she almost didn't bring it, since she figured it was too small to do anything with. I told her about 'granny's daughters,' the first round of a granny square, and how they'd be perfect for that. She seemed pleased that I had a use for them. I think I will start making some. I can make more when I have appropriate yarn, join them as I go, and eventually I will have another blanket, which I can give to her to donate.

We walked up to the garden in the rain this morning. The rain is so welcome! This guy started talking to us just as we were about to go through the gate, telling us this is considered a soft Irish day. Then he laughed and laughed. So now I know that I am a huge fan of soft Irish days.

I hope you're having a great Saturday in your part of the world!

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