Friday, May 19, 2017

Pizza Spice

A few weeks ago, I was making pizza and we invited Gerry, our neighbour, to join us. He did. We had a nice time chatting over pizza and salad. During the meal, he asked if I make pizza often. I said I do.  A few days later, he came over with a bag of pizza spice.

He said he got it somewhere thinking he'd use it, but he never did, so he figured I might like to have it. I do! It's quite a supply, but it will definitely get used! It's a blend of garlic, oregano, tomato, and chilli. I can think of many different things to use this with, not just pizza, although it's great for that too--we both loved the pizza I made with this tonight.
wholemeal pizza crust with some added oats

with the sauce and pizza spice

ready to cut and eat
As always, I made a large batch of dough and have half left to use in some way this weekend.

Happy Friday!!

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