Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Needles and Pins

We went up to the garden this morning, where things are going crazy! It was hot here last week--close to 80--and then it got a little cooler over the weekend and we had rain over the past few days. I guess that was a good combination because things are growing like mad! I scraped some weeds, planted some seedlings outside, tied up tomato plants, and picked some stuff. Bill watered the beds inside the polytunnel. Outside didn't need any water. A woman followed her wee dog, Benji, into the garden area. Benji was determined to investigate the area. First he accepted some attention from myself. Then he wandered around while I chatted with his mom.

When we were done, we came home and had lunch. Then I went upstairs and got my needle felting supplies and settled in with some iced mint tea to engage in a bit of repetitive stabbing..

I had a couple of pieces that were partially felted--I'd started a project several months ago before veering off in a completely different direction. I cut the pieces so they'd be a little smaller, setting aside what I did not use for a future project of some sort, and proceeded to make a small landscape. It's just a little bigger than a business card. The flowers, stems, and leaves are made with small bits of yarn that are left after I weave in ends. They felt right in.
I'd originally envisioned this as a pin, but it's a little too big for that, I think, so I went back upstairs and got out my found objects. I grabbed a washer I'd picked up from a sidewalk somewhere and attached it to the back for a hanging loop.
Then I decided to continue stabbing, so I made a little Donegal dude. I knew I had a piece of beach glass or pottery that would work as a chair, so I plunked him in that.

The other day, I was wondering where I'd put my bottle of beads, along with a few other things, since they were not where I thought they would be. I wanted one bead to finish a bookmark I made a few days ago, but wasn't having any luck finding them. I was about to give up when it dawned on me where they might be. Sure enough, the stuff I was looking for was found--and as it turned out, it was all  just a few feet away from me as I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out where it was--LOL. I got my bead and finished my bookmark.

Finally, there's this simple circle pin that I made the other night with an orphan earring that has an embossed flower on it. I wanted the focal point to be the flower, so just did a simple circle in a dark purple thread to act as a sort of frame.

Now that I have found some of my stuff, I will probably try out a few more needle felting ideas I have.

May you find whatever it is that you're looking for, too!

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