Wednesday, May 17, 2017


It's been slightly cooler, less sunny, and more humid these past several days, so we have not had to water the garden as much. We haven't been up there for a few days, but went this morning to give everything a drink. Stuff seems to be growing faster now and I spotted a couple of wee green cherry tomatoes forming. It was roasting in the polytunnel, so we did not mess around. I picked some stuff, planted a few more radish seeds, and watered our beds and the children's bed while Bill filled watering cans. Then we staggered out into the fresh air--but not before I spotted this peeking out from under the foliage.
The other side is still a bit green, so I did not pick it. There's a community garden gathering on Saturday morning, so maybe we can pick it then! Fortunately, there is another berry of the same size and ripeness on a different plant, so there'll be one for each of us. 😋😍

The slope next to the sidewalk around the corner from our house continues to get new blooms.
These are pretty, whatever they are. It's nice to see all the different flowers as we walk by.

Happy Wednesday!

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