Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Shifting Stuff

It's official. I am no longer a spring chicken. I am tired. I hope that means that I will fall asleep and stay asleep tonight, no matter what kind of pain my feet throw at me!

This morning we did some errands, including borrowing the key to our new place. We will be taking possession next week, but between now and then we will borrow the key a few times so we can bring some stuff over there. We did a couple of trips today.
We have two rolling suitcases--the red one above and a smaller green one. I packed both of those, both of my backpacks, and the shopping cart we have. I packed other stuff in various bags. Bill had a suitcase and backpack, as you can see. I had a backpack, the smaller suitcase, and the shopping cart, with another bag on top. When we got there, we emptied everything, rolled it home and filled it again. Because I had stuff already bagged, it did not take long to shove the bags into suitcases and take off again. Today's loads were primarily yarn, fabric, and thread with some other stuff tossed in, too. I kept a few skeins of sock yarn here so I'd have something to work on. I thought I might finish a sock last night, but I made it partway through the toe decreases and called it a night. Maybe I can do the last little bit tonight and then cast on its mate.

We could be in for a storm starting tonight and into tomorrow, with high winds and possibly sleety rain or wintry mix, so we will probably not make any trips tomorrow. Gives me time to get everything ready for the next trip!

I am glad to be in the process now. It will be nice to get there for good and start to settle in!

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