Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's the One Thing

The one thing I will miss when we move to our new place will be the view of the hills in the distance and a wedge of the water. When we lived in Killybegs, I loved the view from our bedroom window upstairs and our kitchen window downstairs--we were on a hill and part of the harbour was across the road. It was a quiet section of water, not the busy working area that was down the street. I would be chopping, mixing, cooking and watching the water, birds, sailboats, and the fisherman who sometimes checked his traps from his wee boat. When he was out there, he was very popular with the birds! It made me sad to lose that when we moved here. I consoled myself with what we did have here, which is a glimpse of the water over the rooftops and a dramatic sky. I got into the habit of checking every morning and throughout the day to see what kind of weather was coming--we could see the rain showers approaching. The water is a different colour every day--sometimes black, sometimes blue, sometimes grey. When we cannot see the water or the hills in the distance, we know the fog has rolled in. There have been many spectacular sunsets this winter and most days bring an interesting sky as day turns to night. Today was no exception.
The new place is set a little further up the road from the main part of town; it is not on a hill; and there is a B&B across the street, so we will not be looking at the water from our windows. I am hoping though, that once I get away from the issues here I will feel better and will be able to spend more time at the water's edge! Two and a half weeks until we move in and we are really looking forward to it! The place may not have a view of the hills and water, but considering what it does have, I'll consider it a great trade-off!

Yesterday afternoon we called in at the letting agent's office to take care of the security deposit and we chatted with the young woman there. She said they'd gotten in touch with the owner of the house, who is living in Vietnam, and she was happy to rent it to us. We also got talking about the electric storage heat again. Leo had told us that he has a hard time even getting people to look at a place with storage heat. She told us yesterday that people had looked at the house, but the heating was what put them off. It is unusual for a house like that to even have storage heat--usually it would be the oil fired central heating (OFCH in the ads) in addition to the fireplace. Ah well, it all worked out well for us. We love electric storage heating and if the place had not had that, someone else would have rented it already and we would not be able to live there.

In the afternoon, I tried making some chick pea bread in my bread maker. In my bread machine book, it said that adding chick peas to the dough not only provides a nutty flavour, but also makes the loaf lighter and it rises higher. The recipe called for plain bread flour, but I used a mix of plain flour and strong (bread) wholemeal flour. It came out quite well!
It tastes good, slices well, and has a good texture. I would have never thought of adding chick peas, but there you go!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

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