Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Coasting and Wool

We went to the library today to drop off a couple of books and to pick up the one Bill had in. Then we called in at the grocery store. I wanted to take a short walk after that. I have been so tired these last months that I have not been walking much, but I am trying now to get out a little bit, even for short walks. I often do not feel like it, and sometimes I wonder how I will drag my sorry butt down the stairs and out the door, but I know I will feel better afterwards, so I make myself do it. I am looking forward to getting more of my energy back so I can walk more and longer!

It was windy today and the gulls were coasting in the wind.

No one was at the pier--just us, the gulls, and the sound of the water hitting the rocks. It was chilly, but beautiful.

We decided to stop at the charity shop on our way home. Bill picked up a couple of books and I walked into the back room and picked up these.
The green is a superwash Irish wool. The rust colour had no ball band, but I thought it might be wool. I brought it home and did the burn test. I was pleased when the snipped piece would not stay lit. Sure enough, the burnt end was ash and not a hard bead--it's wool. Between Bill's books and my wool, it was a euro well spent.

I am hoping to finish a project tonight so I can post it tomorrow. I had plans to finish yesterday, but I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open and am at a point where counting is necessary. I suspected I was not up to the task yesterday--fingers crossed for today!

Supper will be easy and quick. The other night I made some chicken. broccoli, and onion with herbs to go over pasta. Last night I made soup and wholemeal cheese bread (yum!). I have leftovers of soup and the chicken broccoli, but not enough of either one to make a meal. Happily, they'll go well together, so I will dump it all in a pot and add more broth if necessary to make a new pot of soup from the leftovers. We will have grilled cheese sandwiches on the cheese bread too.

May you have a day of ease with happy surprises!

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