Saturday, February 4, 2017


Yesterday, as always, we were served tea and biscuits at the library as we played with our yarn. The biscuits were new to me. Judging from the way they looked, I assumed they contained oatmeal. I tasted one. It was really good--a bit crumbly, not very sweet, and quite tasty. I asked Gerard what kind of biscuit it was and he replied that they were Hobnobs. After we left the library, Bill and I went on to the shop as we'd planned--we needed eggs and bananas. While picking up those things, we came across some packets of Hobnobs. They were even on sale! A couple of packets came home with us. 😋
The first two ingredients are oatmeal and wholemeal flour, so that explains the 'nobbly' texture. I quite like them.

The week before, Gerard was away and there was a sub. She also introduced me to a new-to-me biscuit. Again it was plain, not very sweet, yet quite good. Until I tasted one, I was not sure whether it was a biscuit or a cracker, sweet or savoury. It was a biscuit. I saw the packet and discovered that they were Marie biscuits. I later found out that this is pronounced like 'marry.' When in the shop a few days later, I saw them on the shelf--they'd been there all along and I just hadn't noticed. I picked up a package.
I quite like the tea and biscuit part of Irish culture. So many biscuits, so little time!

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