Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Bit of Stitching

Wednesday night, I finished the gift project I'd been working on and it went out in the post on Thursday. Yay! What to start next? I chose to cast on a pair of socks.

Some months ago, I spent some time flipping through one of my knitting stitch dictionaries and choosing some stitch patterns to adapt to knitting in the round on the 34 stitches that usually makes up the instep. The other day I looked through my notes and chose a stitch to use with some blue/grey cotton/wool/nylon sock yarn. Then I cast on with my size 1s (US) and proceeded with the ribbed cuff, changing to 0s for the rest of the sock. Last night, I finished the heel flap and turned the heel.
Next up will be picking up the gusset stitches and decreasing on those while setting up the lace pattern on the instep. I thought I might do that this afternoon, but I got lost in a book and then had to take a nap. Hopefully I will do some knitting tonight.

I also did some tatting and turned a cross stitch doodle into a bookmark.
The cross stitch one is a repetition of this motif:
I spent some time a while back playing around with various placements of the motif and I still have some of the doodles. Might as well put them to use. This one is now a bookmark and I've used a couple of others on cards. I find my small collection of cross stitched doodles quite handy sometimes!

We've had a nice, quiet, restful weekend. Hope you have had a lovely weekend too, doing things that make you happy with people that make you happy!

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