Friday, January 6, 2017

Women's Christmas/ Nollaig na mBan

Today is Women's Christmas, or Nollaig na mBan in Ireland. This marks the 'official' end of the festive season. Traditionally, it was the day when the tree was taken down, the decorations put away, and the women got a day off from housework. We have not had a tree in years and our few decorations were taken down the day after Christmas, but I fully support the part about women getting a day off. I told Bill that this would be an excellent opportunity to go native, so it's a tradition, starting today. 😊

We kicked off our new tradition by walking to the end of the lane and having supper at The Cosy Cottage.
photo by Bill Burke
It was yummy. Afterwards we walked a few more steps over to Market Square to see the tree and the new year sign one more time--I expect they will be coming down soon.
photo by Bill Burke
As we were turning to head back home, I saw Gerard pulling out of his spot in front of the library--he'd just left the library after locking up for the week. He saw us, pulled over, rolled down his window and said I'd had a book come in. 'Do you want it?' he asked. I told him I'd be grand until next Wednesday and I would go to pick it up then, when the library is open. I said I was pretty sure I had enough reading material at home to fill the gap between now and then. He asked if I was sure. He would have turned around, parked his car, unlocked the library and all of that if I had said I wanted the book right then even though I am sure he was really ready to be done with work on a Friday evening. That is so nice! Love our wee library!

Earlier today we walked up to the tin and bottle (glass) recycling area and I noticed that there are buds on the trees--and flowers along the roadside!

 It is too soon for this kind of thing.

Further on down the road, there was this sad sight.
I wonder if it fell off a Christmas tree that was being discarded today. Seems like a sad but apt commentary on the day that's in it.

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