Monday, January 9, 2017

Short Stories and Old Dogs: A Birthday Gift

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me an Amazon UK gift voucher for my birthday. I waited until after the 'festive season' was over and last week I set up an account and made some selections.This allowed me to think a bit about what I would choose, because, to be honest, at first I could not think of anything in particular. I did decide that I should choose something that I would want to keep, not read and donate, so I just left it there to percolate in my brain for a while.

One night I was crocheting and probably listening to a book podcast when I suddenly remembered hearing some guy named Philip something on podcasts a year (or more) ago talking about the 2-volume British short story collection he edited, which spans a few hundred years of writing. At the time, I looked it up at the library, but they did not have it. I could not remember his last name or the exact title, but a google search soon provided both. I looked them up at Amazon and there they were, so I knew where part of my gift voucher was going. I love short stories and I always have my eyes open for collections, so these volumes will go well with the others I have. So glad I remembered them!

Then I was chatting with Bill and we were talking about a story the same friend had sent a month or so ago, about a woman who did a photography project with older dogs and their people. Her husband convinced her to collect their stories as well, so she did and now that is a book. I added that to the list.

When I set up my account and went to place my order, everything was cheaper than it had been a couple of weeks previously. Nice! I love a book sale and I still have almost half of my voucher left 😊

I was expecting them tomorrow or the next day, but they arrived early! The postman rang the bell this morning. Nice way to start the week!
Hope your week is starting off well too!

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