Friday, January 20, 2017

Lazy Sock Repair

For various reasons, today seemed like it was a good day to engage in repetitive stabbing, so I gathered up some socks that needed attention. They all had holes or thin spots on the bottom of the heel--always where my socks wear out. To fix them, I decided on the lazy way--I needle felted them.

This is the inside of one of them partway through the stabbing event:
And this is what the outside looked like when I was done.

This pair was crocheted with a knitted afterthought heel using small scrap balls randomly. The patch will felt further as these are worn and laundered. I stick a small sponge inside the sock to do the felting. I have repaired other socks this way in the past and it works quite well, extending the life of my socks. I would not want to have to discard them before their time 😊


DJL said...

I can't imagine why you'd want to engage in repeated stabbing on today of all days. ;) Made me laugh.

Aritha said...

Love the colors :-)

Shari Burke said...

Dana--gotta try to find the humour in this sad situation!

Jedidja--Thank you1 I love the self striping/patterning sock yarn :-)