Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Getting Back to Normal

So another year has begun.
Much just shuts down here between Christmas and the new year, so it seems like the whole town is trying to get back into the swing of normal life. Opening hours of businesses and the library go back to what they were, deliveries get made more regularly, and people go about their lives after a very quiet couple of weeks.

We went out to do some errands today, stopping first at the library to leave in a pile of books. On our way down the lane we saw that the charity shop was open, so we called in there. I had to laugh at these two books side by side on a shelf.
We left those there for someone else, but we both found others that made their way home with us. Bill got several and I picked up these.
I will probably keep the Irish short story one and the other two can go into the wee free library when I am done with them.

After that we headed down Main St to the shop.
After picking up a few grocery items there, we went to the Organic Farm Store. Bill wanted some more Darjeeling tea and we wanted to see if they had any, since the other local shops do not. I wanted to pick up another container of this bouillon stuff I discovered. A friend had recommended it to me so I tried the 'less salt' version and loved it. A little bit of it in certain things really adds a nice flavour and it is great to make broth for quick soups.

They had Bill's tea and they had one more little container (150g) of the lower salt bouillon, which I picked up before looking around to see what else was there. As I was looking at the herbs, I turned around and saw a big canister (1 kg) of the stuff. It was a much better value than the small container, so I got it.
I was irrationally pleased about finding this. It is so handy when I want a quick soup for lunch or want to turn some cooked veggies and grains into soup for breakfast and now I will not run out anytime soon. Yay!

Got some couscous and a bottle of environmentally friendly laundry detergent to go with our tea and bouillon and we headed back home.

I will probably knit tonight. Since I finished the poncho, I have been knitting away on my mitred square blanket and it is nearing the finish line. I have started the last row of 5 squares. Then there will be ends to weave in and a sinple border to crochet.

It was a pleasant day as I attempted to ease myself out of holiday hibernation mode.

Hope your day is pleasant too!

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