Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bread Maker Book

Last week, after I was so excited to find a bread maker at the charity shop for 5 euro, I clicked on over to the library web page and did a search for a bread machine book. I narrowed the search to Donegal libraries and one came up--The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook. I placed a request. Late Friday afternoon, I got an email f4rom Gerard saying it had come in, so I dashed around the corner to pick it up. As I was looking through it that evening, I was commenting to Bill that there was a lot of great information in the book--an extensive reference section and a lot of good recipes and ideas. He did a search and found a cheap copy (5ish euro, including shipping) at an ebay bookseller that we have bought from before--quite the contrast from the seller who priced their copy at 122!  I told him to go ahead and get it. I planned to keep the library copy until my copy arrived. I can return the book to the library tomorrow because mine arrived this morning. Yay!

One tip that I read in here and do not remember seeing before is to add a can of chickpeas to the other ingredients. This adds a nutty flavour and makes a bread with good texture. I have done the same with potatoes in the past, so I will try it with the chickpeas sometime.When I do, I'll let you know how it goes.

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