Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pineapple on the Rock

Last night I felt like I needed to test drive my new cone of thread. I made a little green pineapple. I liked it. This morning I felt like it needed a rock, so after lunch we headed out for the shore path, where I veered off onto a couple of the beaches, finding a rock at each. i had to bring a few more home because even though I have an apartment full of rocks, they were all too small for the pece of lace. I decided to use this one.
I think I am developing a thing for these lacy rocks--or rocky lace. I still have plenty of rocks and plenty of thread, so I expect more rocky lace/lacy rocks in my future.

The water was looking black today. I took this around 3.
We passed this guy--his web was blowing around in the wind, but s/he seemed unperturbed.
It has been a lovely Saturday in Moville so far. Hope that's so in your neck of the woods too. I am off to make some supper--chili mac with veggies it shall be!

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