Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back from Buncrana

We made our way to Buncrana today to explore a new-to-us section of the shore path there and to get groceries. I enjoy walking around and seeing the scenery in different places, and I like having good food--some to eat now and some to be stashed away for winter. This makes my daily food preparation tasks much easier. It does require some effort to get the food here though and when I walk through my door--always a happy moment--I somehow feel like I have accomplished something. It is sometimes hard to get up onto the bus with the backpack on and today it was particularly heavy, but I just hoisted it up a step at a time.

This was the load I had in my big purple backpack today:
Bill had his regular backpack and a Chico bag:
We always pick up a couple of packages of multigrain English muffins when we are at Aldi--that is the only place we have seen them. They are called 'toaster muffns' here. I might have gone a little overboard on the cheese--no matter--I love cheese and none of it will go to waste. I got a few packages of extra mature because I cannot get that in town or in Carndonagh--mature is as far as it goes here. I discovered these too--not sure if they are new or if I just did not ever notice them before.
Curious to try the cheese with the cranberries and the one with apricots.

Before we got our groceries we walked along a section of the shore path we'd not been on before. It was beautiful! We did not have time to go all the way to the end, so we agreed that we would go back one day soon to do that--we will take an earlier bus so we will have more time.

Flowers in candy corn colours

 Looks like a jack

 This would be a great spot to sit and read or stitch by the water.

Ned's Point Fort--built in 1812 to protect against possible invasion by the French. Hard to see the whole thing from the path. It is there beyond the car park on the right. This the area where the RNLI lifeboats are kept--the pier goes into the water to the left. When there is an emergency the boats head out to assist. Before this spot and beyond it there is just the path--on the side of a hill with water on one side and vegetation on the other--no cars or buildings. It is so quiet.
 Water, sky, and hills
Trees too
It was hot and humid today--summer has returned for a few days. The walk was warm, but nice. I look forward to going back sometime when it is cooler and windier. Bill has just put the coffee on and I am sitting here with my feet up. I am happy to be home.

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