Thursday, January 28, 2016

Simple Pleasures

Life has been proceeding. It feels like I have somehow entered a time when the days just slip by me somehow without me being aware of where the time goes. I sometimes feel as though I am not getting anything done that I want to be doing, but in fits and starts, eventually stuff happens!

We have been having fires most nights. This is our main heat source, though we do have a space heater that we use at times when a fire woiuld be too much. There is a back boiler in the fireplace so the fire heats our hot water as well as the radiators around the cottage. I have discovered that at the end of a day, when I go upstairs to read or stitch, there is something very comforting about putting on a pair of bed socks that have been sitting on a warm radiator. This is especially true when the socks are made with a few strands of mohair and mohair blend yarn and are nice and cushy, as these are.
I started these months ago and set them aside shortly after starting the second sock. I finished that about a month ago now and have been enjoying the simple pleasure of warm, cushy socks on chilly nights. As a friend recently remarked, "It's a small bit of luxury, isn't it?" Indeed.

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