Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scenes from a Walk

First off, it would appear that Ireland has voted overwhelmingly in favor of marriage equality. It is not even close. People are saying it'll probably end up being 2/3 yes, but the counting is not done yet and official results are not expected until 5 this evening. There is a real sense of joy all around the country. Well done, Ireland--this is a great day for the country!

Yesterday we headed out for a walk. I've noticed these funky little horsetails before and I just love them. This lone plant is at the top of the driveway:
There is a whole cluster of them at the bottom of the hill--even the stems are striking!

Halfway up there is this old tree with roots:
We walked through town and turned onto a side street. We just kept on going until we'd been gone for about an hour, then we turned around and came home.

We passed St Catherine's football pitch. I guess it's Gaelic football--I am still unclear on all these sports teams, but these people just won some stuff a week or two ago.
These pretty little pink flowers were blooming on some hedges.
 I think this front garden set-up is kind of cute, with the little gnomes, ducks, and sheep:

We soon came across some Killybegs cows who kept a close eye on us.
It's very hilly here--I love that!
We soon ran out of sidewalk, but since we were not on a busy road, we just kept walking. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We heard some sheep on the hillside and birds in the trees. An occasional car came by and we stepped aside to let them pass before continuing on and enjoying the scenery.
We turned back and soon town came into view once again.
 Soon there will be new flowers blooming.
It seems like there are many of these sorts of side streets for us to wander up and down. We're looking forward to our future explorations!

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