Sunday, May 24, 2015

Out Back

Yesterday we were going to the grocery store, but before we headed down the hill, I wandered around out back for a few minutes looking at the plants and flowers.

These flowers are in a pot by one of the stone sheds. They are beautiful, but I have no idea what they are. The bee knows though, and stopped by for a snack!
The geraniums are growing in pots on the stone wall outside our door:
The little pine tree has brights green growth--so many shades of green here!
The pink tulips pop their heads up over the wall--I like seeing them when I look out the sitting room window.
Behind our shed, there is another stone wall--more green there:

On the front of the building the ivy, like all the other plant life, is growing pretty well in all this rain! Our windows are the ones in the middle of the ivy patch. It is a pretty frame for the windows.
On the way to the store I spotted a patch of these bright yellow flowers next to the sidewalk. When we first got here these were all over, but I think they have gone past their peak, because they are not so abundant anymore.
It started to rain while we were on our way home and it kept on raining for hours afterward. At around 9 I went into the kitchen to make some tea and was surprised at how foggy it had become!
I made the tea and went back to work on the bed jacket thing I am making for myself.
I finished that section last night and will move on to the next section today.

It was a lovely, quiet, peaceful Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The flowers the bee is exploring are aquilegia. The old country name for them is grannies bonnets. The yellow ones look like buttercups, which are considered by most people to be a weed. But a weed is really just a plant growing in the wrong place 😊
Best wishes

Shari Burke said...

Thank you! I love grannies' bonnets as a name. I can see why they're called that. I agree about weeds. I figure they are just well adapted to the place they are in and often so beautiful!