Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hills and a Visit From Superman

We were in the sitting room this afternoon and we had the doors open. In walked Superman for a visit. He knew just where he was going and headed straight for the kitchen, where he sniffed around and waited.
Unfortunately for him I had been told by his people (our neighbours) that he is diabetic, so treats are a no-no. This is harder on me than it is on Superman, I am sure--especially when he looks up and gives me "the face." His real name is Fergus, but I think of him as Superman because the first time I met him he was wearing his Superman vest, as he was today :-)

Before we were hanging out and denying Superman Fergus his desired treats, we went out for a walk. We walked around town and then headed up a side street that is just a little bit down the road from our place. Like most of the streets that lead away from town, it was uphill. The road runs parallel to the road we are on for a way so we ended up above and behind our place. I noticed this very tall lilac--don't think I have ever seen one quite that tall.
I guess I didn't even know they got that big. Then again, I was looking at it from across the street and the flowers looked like lilacs, but maybe they are something else!

We took a different road to get back to Main St because we wanted to know if it was the road we thought it was. It was.
The red building on the right is the Ritz Accommodation. I remember seeing their website when we were looking for a place to stay--I think it's a hostel-like place. You can get a sense of the hill from the photo--I would not want to be going down that way in snow or ice--it's steep at the bottom, though there is a railing on that far cement wall.

I looked down and saw one of these manhole covers--I've seen a few around town:
On the left, behind the stone wall you can see in the photo above, is St Mary's church and the grounds.
 You can see the harbour over the roofs beyond.

Inside the walled courtyard is a small alcove with beches built into the walls and these plaques:

You really would never know that Main St was just past those roofs--it was a very peaceful spot and quite lovely, with the views of the harbour and the plants about to flower.I noticed that when we were at the B&B too--even though it is right in town, it was really quiet.  That's just the way I like it!

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