Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beautiful Bruckless

Last night our neighbours, including Fergus the Superdog, came over for supper. We all sat in our little kitchen eating talking, and laughing. Today, Jason, the young man who lives next door, popped in and dumped an armload of books and some town info on our table--based on some of what we were talking about last night, he thought we'd like to borrow the reading material. How great is that? I am a happy camper when someone walks into my home and drops a bunch of books on the table! :-)

Shortly after that, Theresa took Bill, me, Jason, and of course, Fergus, to Bruckless, a small neighbouring town where she used to live. She wanted us to see the bluebell forest while the bluebells were blooming. It was beautiful!
 After we walked through the woods we walked along a path that led to a stone bridge.

 Through the trees you can just see a bit of a house. Theresa's friends live there, so we stopped in for an impromptu visit. They are lovely people and I enjoyed myself so much. We saw their completely charming house full of handmade items--knitted, crocheted, quilted, and cross-stitched. It is an amazing spot--so peaceful--and they have done a lot of work on the surrounding area, which was all overgrown when they got it.
This is the view from the stone bridge:
Their flowers are gorgeous!

One on side of the house they have a garden, but it's tough going this year because it has been chilly and wet--January weather as our host said. I love the use of old headboards here!
On the other side of the house, down a stone path and tucked away from the road, is the fairy garden. Theresa's friend, Mona, brought me back there and said they tell the children that if they are quiet, they will hear the fairies singing! They have a small covered bench out there strung with dragonfly lights so it's a great place to sit and listen to the fairies :-)

Mona told me that there used to be a little village there, but everyone died of cholera which they got from the water that came from that well.

When we left we passed back over the stone bridge and veered off into a small clearing with a grave. This was a communist who could not be buried anywhere else, so they created his resting spot there--and a lovely spot it is, too!
It was a wonderful evening filled with beautiful scenery and great company!


DJL said...

That all looks lovely and charming and peaceful. Thank you for sharing it.

Shari Burke said...

It was an amazing spot! Our new neighbour showed us the house where she used to live and said she would lay around in the living room at night and could see the Milky Way!