Saturday, February 28, 2015

Splendid Soggy Saturday Stroll

After breakfast and coffee, we went out for a walk this morning. It's my kind of day!! Grey, windy, chilly, misty, and then it started to rain. It was just misting a bit when we started out, but this eventually gave way to steadier rain, which was quite brisk and refreshing--I always feel like I can breathe better in a brisk wind and rain. I am not sure Bill enjoys a good soggy walk quite as much as I do!

There was plenty of colour around, too--signs of spring all over.

When we used to walk this way last spring and summer we would always stop and talk to the sheep in a field. No sheep for months, but today in a neighbouring field, there was a cow. She mooed to us and we greeted her.
Then she decided to come and see what we were all about--until she thought better of it and turned off into the bushes!

Looks like someone cut a tree a little further down the road--love the design made by the tree rings!

Things are slowly starting to leaf now--I thought the red leaves coming in on this little bush were striking.

As are the bright pink buds and flowers:

There's always something interesting on the stone walls:

As we were getting back into town we came across another lone lost shoe. A few weeks ago there was one on Church Lane and now this one on Convent Road.  I told Bill that now I have two photos of lost shoes, I have a series started!
Where will we find the next one?

The rain has started splattering against the windows. Bill just got up to look and he said, "Yup. It's pouring. Sideways. Glad I took my stroll earlier."

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