Thursday, February 26, 2015

Roosters, Garlic Chives, Potato Soup

Yesterday we called in at Country Market. In addition to lugging home a 10 kg (about 20 lb) bag of roosters (red potatoes), I also picked up some fruit and a head of garlic.
The garlic has nice big cloves that grow into really great garlic chives and I have a lot of them at the moment!
I decided I might as well make some potato soup!

I put a puddle of olive oil in the bottom of a pot, added 2 sliced onions, 3 cloves of chopped garlic, 3 chopped carrots, and a large chopped red bell pepper. I cooked these in the oil for a few minutes, then added several potatoes that I had diced and some water. I let everything cook and when it was done, added some milk. These roosters are really floury, so there's no need to thicken the broth. I ladled some into bowls and added some parsley snipped from my plant on the windowsill and some snipped garlic chives. Finally, we sprinkled black pepper on top. Of course, there are leftovers and plenty more garlic chives :-)
We had egg sandwiches with the soup--I had guacamole on mine and Bill did not.

It was a quiet day today. I finished the book I'd been reading:
It was a fun little book, consisting of 1 or 2 page essays that gave a brief history of various artifacts of Irish life. He includes many things, such as Mr Tayto (crisp mascot), thatched cottage, peat briquette, the flag, and several more. His earlier book is called, Looks Like Rain: 9,000 Years of Irish Weather.I might have to look that one up!

I also did another peace heart doodle.
I might be done with these doodles for now as I have some socks to make and some crochet/tatting ideas rattling around in my head. I do like the way some of these doodles have worked out though and how the shape seems to change depending on which section you focus on.

Still light outside at 6:15. Sigh. We are gaining daylight fast. I miss the short days of winter already!

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