Monday, February 2, 2015


We called in at the library the other day and I was reminded of the joke about how you can have all 4 seasons in one day in Ireland. We were leaving the library and walking toward Church Lane when I looked up and was taken with the bare branches against a stormy sky.
Then I turned around and looked at the calm, spring sky behind me.
We went across the street to SuperValu where I was sad to see that the proofreader had apparently taken a day off--oops!
The roosters (red potatoes) may be "cheeper" at SuperValu than Tesco, but they are cheaper than both at Country Market on Main St.

I spotted another "oops" artifact this afternoon.
I can only suppose that the person who lost this shoe was not wearing the other one at the time. I think you'd notice if you had one of these on one foot and not the other! Unless it was pub night--perhaps then such a thing would be easy to overlook.

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