Monday, February 23, 2015

In Between Days

We went out this morning to send our daughter's birthday present and make a stop at SuperValu. We needed some milk and I wanted to get some butternut squash, since the sale ends in a few days. I have a chicken in the freezer and I've been saving bread to make stuffing, so I think this weekend we will have a spring Thanksgiving :-)

It's a real mix of seasons today. It's been windy with rain/hail/sleet since last night, but when we left this morning, the sun was shining on our neighbor's daffodils.

Looks like there will be more daffs and maybe some crocus (?--those purple spiky buds) in the stone planters soon.

Two or three minutes later, just as we were walking into the store, the hail started falling. By the time we left, it had stopped. We dropped off the groceries and looked up some information we needed before going back out into the bright sunshine to send the birthday present. Ten or fifteen minutes later--just as we were coming to our corner--the hail began again. It's been going back and forth all day!

Yesterday I decided that my next heart motif doodle would be some stacked peace hearts.

As I was photographing it, I took one sideways and quite like how different it looks from that perspective.
 Today I plan to try the same peace heart motifs in a different configuration.

Getting dark again! Looks like more rain and hail on the way.
Happy Monday!

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