Thursday, February 12, 2015

Here Come the Daffodils!

I've been keeping an eye on the bulbs our neighbor planted--looks like it's daffodil time--I spotted the first spot of yellow on our way out yesterday.

I assume it's a daffodil. She planted tulip bulbs, too, but I haven't seen any buds on those yet--just the leaves.

It was nice to get out for a little walk yesterday after being down with my monthly migraine the day before. I was glad I'd finished my crochet project the day before, because it came in handy as I sat there freezing--I always get cold when I get a migraine.
I can use it as a lapghan or a shawl. It's made of Donegal tweed yarn that Bill got me last summer. I made a couple of hats with some of the green and a hat with some of the blue, so this is what I had left.

I sat in a chair with my lapghan on my lap, my eyes closed, and my podcasts playing. Light bothers me when I have a migraine but sound doesn't and I am so grateful for my podcasts--all the time, but especially on days like that when I can't do anything else. I listened to some BBC Drama of the Week. I went to bed right after supper and dozed off and on. When I woke up roasting, I knew I was past the worst of it, but then I was awake most of the night--more Drama of the Week to the rescue!! Hopefully that's it for that now for a few weeks.

On Saturday we replaced the toilet handle. I lived for 52 years without ever seeing one of these break, but we had to call the landlord last year to have one replaced because it broke. He sent a plumber. The thing only lasted for 3 months before it snapped again!

I asked the guy at the store if this kind of thing was common and he said, "Oh yeah. You see them broken like that all the time." OK, then. I told him this one only lasted 3 months and he said it should have lasted longer than that. I guess I never paid attention to the part of the handle that was inside the tank when I was in the US, but I don't think there is that long metal rod, is there? I am thinking it's a chain, but I could be wrong. Seems like this metal rod isn't such a great idea--it's actually twisted a little bit. Who knew that a simple flush could exert such pressure?

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