Tuesday, February 3, 2015

American Pancakes

Today we set off to do our big grocery shop. We usually do this once a month and then pick up stuff here and there through the month as needed or as we find stuff on sale or clearance. We went to SuperValu and got as much as we could there, came home, had some grilled cheese with tomato and onion sandwiches and apples on the side, and then headed out to Tesco for the stuff we buy there.

They finally had some turkey mince--hurray! I've seen it in other Tescos and in Aldi, but we were always in another town and it was summer. I did not want to buy it and carry it around for hours in the heat. I've not seen it in our store, but today there it was with a "NEW" sticker on the shelf tag. Last week Bill was wishing for meatballs. Now he can have them.

They also had peanut butter. Sometimes they don't. I got 3 jars.

We passed these--they always make me chuckle when I see them.
I didn't buy them, just put them in the trolley to take the photo! All the stores seem to sell them.

Tesco had a few bits of Valentine's Day candy, but Easter is obviously the bigger deal here. The Easter candy section was much larger! This is just a section of it.
Didn't see any Easter baskets or anything, just a lot of giant eggs and small eggs. We got here last year a few weeks before Easter and I don't remember seeing baskets and plastic grass and stuff, but maybe that's just because there were other things on my mind and Easter is not something I celebrate!

In other Easter news, the appropriate government minister announced that she would be considering lifting the ban on selling alcohol on Good Friday, but not in time for this year. This is an ongoing thing, apparently--we heard discussion of it last year. Pubs especially don't like it! This year there is some big sporting event taking place in Limerick at that time, so people were pushing hard for the ban to be lifted, but it is not to be.

On the home front, our neighbor is hardening off some pansies on the deck--so cheerful! I love the colours of these!
And her tulips will be blooming soon, looks like!
Hope you're having a beautiful day, wherever you find yourself :-)

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