Monday, February 13, 2012

Almost Usual!

Today we went back to the hospital so Bill could have his blood test and see the occupational therapist.  I walked both ways, he took the bus in and walked home.  His stamina was much better today.  The OT said she thinks she will probably only see him once more.  She came out to talk to me as I was sitting there tatting and waiting--she wanted to ask me how I thought he was doing.  She said she thought he was doing really well and I said I agreed with that.  She seemed particularly impressed with the progress in his hand.  She asked me if I thought things were getting back to normal and I had to say that I did think that.  He goes back to work Wednesday.

We had a lovely quiet weekend and went nowhere.  I am by nature a homebody.  I can spend days happily doing things at home.  It was nice to do that again.  I did not take off my mohair slippers and alpaca socks :-)
I also watched all 6 hours worth of lectures I had from the library called Understanding the Brain.  It is one of those "Great Courses" DVD sets--I used to get ads for them in the mail all the time.  It was the first set of 3 and I put set 2 on hold this morning.  I started watching on Saturday night and I was just fascinated, so watched 3 hours then and 3 hours last night.  The prof was from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, so I had my doubts about how useful it would be for someone with very little science background--I am not a hard scientist at all--give me social science any day--and the extent of my brain background is my study of human evolution, since pysical anthropology is a subfield I had to have some background in to get my degrees.  I needn't have worried--she did a great job of explaining things clearly.  I learned quite a bit.  Somewhere in set two is a lecture about the brain and language, which I am also quite looking forward to, being so interested in sociolinguistics and communication.  Of course, since I am me, I had to look up "Great Courses" in the keyword section of the catalog search on the library website.  I resisted the urge to request several of them, altough I probably will sometime in the future.  But I could not resist a couple of them, so besides the brain one, I will soon be getting one on the archaeology of prehistorical spirituality/religion and one on Emerson, Thoreau, and the Transcendentalists.  These are subjects I know something about, but I think they will still be interesting and contain information and ideas that are new to me.

So we are walking back toward normal.  I think that the almost daily walks we have been taking have helped Bill's progress along and certainly he feels better when he gets out to walk.  He left the hospital 2 weeks ago tomorrow--feels like a lifetime ago that all this started!

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