Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowpeople and Santa

It is December. I am in western New York. Shouldn't there be some hint that it's winter or that winter is coming? But as of yet, there is none. This morning I was out in shirtsleeves. It's in the 50s. The sun is shining. I am trying to feel Christmasy. But something was missing. I had to go through much of my Christmas stuff before we left Oregon and give it away. I allowed myself one box and I kept enough to fill that. That left over 2 boxes more that went to someone else, but I still had my one box. Problem is, I am in western New York and my box is in south-central Oregon. So I made a bunch of ornaments as I do every year. The day after Thanksgiving, I hung them up, as I do every year. And even though I am doing Christmas crocheting and listening to Christmas music, it still hasn't felt like Christmas. So this morning we headed over to the thrift store where I spent $3 and got a snowman figurine, a snowman snow globe, a stand-alone thing that says "JOY" with Santa and a reindeer and snowgirl, Santa, and Rudolph magnets, and a ball ornament. i placed them where I can look at them from my perch on the couch. Now it seems more like Christmas! I just needed a dose of Santa and some snowpeople!!

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