Sunday, December 24, 2017

Lasagne with Homemade Ricotta and Other Yummy Stuff

We have just eaten our usual 24 December supper of lasagne. This is the first year I've made it with homemade ricotta. It is sooooooo good! Glad I have plenty of leftovers!
I made the ricotta for this on Friday and I left it wet. It gets less wet as it sits, so I stirred a bit more whey into it today.
I probably did not need to do this and as I was putting together the lasagne, I worried that I shouldn't have, but I use regular lasagne sheets uncooked, so a little extra moisture is desirable, since they absorb quite a bit of liquid. Cooking stuff in the fan oven dries things out, too. In the end, I was glad I made the ricotta wet. Between that, the sauce I made, and the mozzarella, there was just the right amount of moisture. The end result is delicious!

This afternoon, I made another batch of ricotta, but strained it more, so it's not as wet. I want this for spreading on crackers with smoked salmon.
And I made some hummus with red pepper, onion, oregano, and coriander in addition to the usual ingredients.
This is also for crackers and smoked salmon or for using as a dip with carrot sticks.

Tomorrow I will be making jalapeno cheese puffs and that will be it--we will have enough munchies for tomorrow and the next couple of days. Yay!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

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