Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Tomorrow we go to sign our new lease, pay the rent, and get the keys to the house. Once we move the rest of our stuff over, we will drop off the keys to this apartment. I am so looking forward to being there and settling in. We brought two loads on foot yesterday and also defrosted the freezer, swept the house, and cleaned out cupboards. There will be more cupboard clearing to do when we get there. The people who lived there last left stuff behind, including many shoes. There are three pair of men's pointy-toed shoes, which are popular here. Those can go to the clothes bank. In the press I found a box with one brand new canvas shoe inside. I wonder where the other shoe is. There are two library books on the counter--not sure if they are books that have been withdrawn or if they simply never got returned. I will check.

Bill chatted with a Vodaphone rep today to confirm that they got his online moving house form. It is in process, but we do not know exactly when we will have wifi at home--should be less than 28 working days anyway. In the meantime, the library now has wifi so we can use our own devices instead of having to use library computers, which we will do on Wednesdays and Fridays when the library is open.

Have a great week!

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