Friday, January 23, 2015

Colours and Textures of January

Winter. One of the things I love about winter is the spareness of it. Spring, summer, and fall each have their own brand of showiness--masses of colourful flowers, red and yellow leaves on the trees, brilliant blue skies--it can be sensory overload. Winter is different though. The palette is muted. We have a lot of green around here, of course, and this seems even more brilliant now than it did at other times of the year. There are many shades of grey and brown in the landscape, too.

Moss and lichen make such interesting patterns on the trees.

Someday the newer stump will end up with its own coat of moss like the old one.
Without leaves, so many patterns and shapes emerge.

Colours, too.

Still plenty of ivy around.
I love the stone walls.

The cycle continues. Go out and have a look at winter where you are, before it's all gone! :-)

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