Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Blue and Yellow and Green

dungloe lake

pond by the trail


dungloe river
May you find many tranquil moments of joy throughout this day.


Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely post, a joy to see your photographs.
In these strange and un-settling times it really does help to take time from each day and enjoy something positive or as your post shows the tranquillity of nature.

All the best Jan

Brenda said...

These are gorgeous photos. How peaceful. I am so glad my grand was able to get to Ireland during her almost semester in the U.K. at the university there. She had a long weekend in London, some time around Bristol and Wales...she cancelled her trip to Paris and Prague and Iceland. She flies through Paris and/or Amsterdam when she goes. She studied in Italy and Greece last year. Let's hope she gets to go back sometime. Sounds like you are doing well during this virus thing...that is what I call it. I have been in 54 days-no where but walking outside. Hope to venture out in the car soon just to get it going...no stores yet...family will get my food. I know you are waiting for the library to open-they are going to do curbside soon, but even though the books will sit for three days before someone else gets them, I am too cautious to try. take care prayers

Shari Burke said...

Thanks, Brenda and Jan! It is wonderful to be able to get out each day and enjoy the scenery, listen to the birds, and hear the water flowing over the rocks!

It's such a shame that your granddaughter had to cut her semester in the UK short like that, Brenda. Hopefully she will be able to see some more of the world at some future time. You're doing the right thing by being careful!

JFM/Jan said...

All very lovely and a breath of fresh air.

Stay Safe 🌷

Vicki said...

Very peaceful looking photos!