Tuesday, March 3, 2020

February Books 3 (The End)

It was a busy day today. One of the things I did was attend the book group that meets at the library--first time since we've been here. Since it was the first time I was there, I had not read the book they discussed, but it was interesting to hear what they had to say nonetheless.

Here is the end of my February book list:
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny
The second in the Inspector Gamache series. Reading this, I can see why people say to read the books in order. There’s a backstory that is unfolding regarding a case from Gamache’s past and the continuing repercussions. The third book is in transit.

Women, Art, and Society by Whitney Chadwick

Fleeing Xinhe Street by Zhe Gui, translated from the Chinese by Ana Padilla Fornieles
Saw this in the e-book section of the library website and borrowed it:
In a town where everyone has secrets, Wang Wuxian is the original conman. With a huge heart and a house full of strays, he scams everyone on Xinhe Street by getting them to invest in the One Plus One Guarantee Company. Hu Weidong is a fool that bites the bait, leaving his shoe business at risk of ruin while his wife Jiang Lina tries to pick up the pieces. Chen Naixing is the brains behind the whole operation and has the most at stake when things turn sour. All the while, Ai Mengya is the only one that has a handle on the situation. In the end, there is no easy way for anyone to run away from the trouble on Xinhe Street

The Sun Fish by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
poetry collection

I hope this is a good day in your neck of the woods!


Brenda said...

I couldn't get the Penny boks n order but didn't mind. Only one I didn't' really like. Enjoy

JFM/Jan said...

You definitely find some wonderful books t get lost in.
I haven't sat down to read for sometime now but you definitely inspire me to grab a book, a cup of tea and leave this ol' world behind for awhile.

Thank you for sharing 📕📓📒📑☕

Lowcarb team member said...

I've not read any Louise Penny books, if I do I will read them in order.

All the best Jan

Shari Burke said...

I'm new to the Penny series, Jan, but it was recommended to me by several people, including Brenda! I'm so glad I was introduced to the series, so thank you Brenda!

Happy reading JFM :-) Such a lovely thing to do--settle in with tea and a book. Simple joys.

Vicki said...

The only one I've heard of is Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine which has been on my tbr list for a very long time.

Shari Burke said...

Eleanor Oliphant was a great book, but it was painful to read at times. I'm glad I read it, though.