Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Christmas and Critters

One of the charity shops we frequent helps to fund Animals in Need Donegal, an organisation which helps all kinds of animals. They have an especially big task when it comes to caring for cats. There are a lot of cats who need help. People don't spay and neuter as much as they should, so cats have kittens and the kittens are often dumped. Animals in Need rescues as many as they have room for, gets them medical care when needed, and places them in foster homes until the are ready to be adopted. We donate to them at various times of the year and always pop into the charity shop when we're in Donegal Town and have time. We like to support them, so when I was looking at a cross-stitch magazine several weeks ago, and came across some cute critter-themed charts, they popped into my head. I got stitching, turned the finished motifs into ornaments and dropped them off today. I thought they could sell them and raise a few euro for the cause.
cotton thread on aida cloth--kumihimo cord on left, crocheted cord on right, felt backing
cloth sewn onto scrap paper with watercoloured background (left) and scrap card stock made from 100% recycled paper (right), crocheted cords

felt backing, crocheted cord
Next time we go, we'll get some cat food and treats and drop that off at the shop. We want all the animals to have a happy Christmas, too 😀


Ella said...

You are doing a great job for Animals in Need Donegal.
Your carts are beautiful!

Aritha said...

So sweet.

Shari Burke said...

Thanks, Ella and Aritha! I was glad to have a reason to stitch them, because I thought the charts were really cute :-)