Friday, October 11, 2019

Happy Socks

Yesterday, I posted about small things that make me happy. Something else that's been making me happy is the sock yarn with which I created this pair of slouchy socks.
I love the way the colours combine in the yarn. Socks are a nice project to have on the go, because it is largely mindless knitting. There is always some counting when doing the heel flap and heel turn and a bit with the toe section, but mostly it's just knitting that I do when other stuff is going on. I know by now how socks fit my feet and Bill's, so I know how many to cast on and how many for the heel flap and turn. I always use the same basic formula for the socks, changing the stitch patterns on the top section for interest when I make them. Sometimes I do a 7x2 rib on this section, sometimes a lace pattern, sometimes something else. Bill likes his plain, so I do that. On this pair, I randomly purled across on that needle, which makes little bumps on the top. I tried to do this where there was a colour change from one round to the next. I usually do a simple 2x2 ribbing for the cuff, but on these I wanted a more slouchy fit, so I alternated 5 knit rounds and then 5 purl rounds. I tried that on another pair a few months ago and I really like them, so did these the same way. I might do a cable rib for my next pair. I'll see. The planning of the next project is also a happiness-inducing activity. 😀


Vicki said...

They are so cute! I have 4 favorite colors and 3 of them are in those socks. The other color is orange.

Aritha said...

They are TOP. Love the colors.

Shari Burke said...

Thank you both! My favourite colours are cool jewel tones. I'm usually not a huge fan of yellow, but it seems to work somehow in this colourway. They make such cool sock yarn these days. :-)