Monday, October 21, 2019

A Wednesday Wander

Last Wednesday, when we were in Ballina, we set out to find the mural I posted about the other day. When we left the flat, we decided to use a different route to get to town, so we turned left. We quickly found ourselves at a little park and a waterway. It was a pretty spot.
We wandered towards town and saw this focal point of a front garden:
We really didn't know where we were, as we'd not been in that part of town before, but we enjoy meandering around and seeing what there is to see. We knew the general direction of town and kept moving that way, eventually finding familiar landmarks. We found the mural and decided to continue wandering around where we'd not been yet. We crossed the river and headed towards the opposite edge of town. I'm not sure what people would want to dig on the riverbank, but they're not supposed to do it.

We came across another river, called the Brusna and took a left, where we saw another lovely green space.
We walked a way down this road, but by then the sun was out and it was getting warm (for us).
We decided to turn around and head back. We were soon back by the River Moy, more green space, and flowers.
Mayo colours--red and green
By the time we got back to the flat, we'd been wandering for about 6 miles. We'd seen the mural we set out to see, looked around a few parts of town that were new to us, and enjoyed the scenery. It was a lovely day. I hope your day is lovely, too.


Vicki said...

I've wanted to visit Ireland for a very long time because that's where my mom's people are from. Your posts (and Bill's) make me want to visit so much more because from your photos, it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing your part of the world with us.

Aritha said...

I love the photos from the little park and the stream.

Shari Burke said...

Thank you both! It is a lovely part of the world--we have been lucky enough to live in some really beautiful places and to visit others. :-)