Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Frozen Berries

Today we went to Donegal Town to pick up stuff at the library. They had more books for sale, so we came home with more than we thought we would! We had to dodge numerous ice cream and slushy puddles, as well as tourists. While we waited for the library to re-open after lunch, we went to Aldi to get some groceries. I was pleased to see the frozen fruit section well-stocked. I bought several bags, packing them at the bottom of my backpack. They provided some nice cooling for me as I walked between the store and the library and as the pack sat on my lap on the bus ride home.
When I got home, I put the groceries away and made a simple smoothie with some raspberries, a banana, and a splash of milk. I added extra berries and it was like soft serve ice cream--I ate it with a spoon. It was exactly what I needed on this hot day.
We have reached the point in the summer where I am not alone in my dislike of the heat. Locals are starting to comment on it, too. Whenever the sun comes out after a grey/rainy period, people are almost giddy. When we're out and about, people grin and exclaim about what a beautiful day it is. I muster up enough energy to smile and agree with them. We walk on and Bill laughs and calls me a liar. But it only takes a few sunny days for them to get to where I am. As we were making our way to the bus stop this morning, we passed a guy, who smiled, said hello, and commented, 'It's a hot one today.' 'Yes, it is!' I replied, with complete honesty. According to the Met Eireann website, it's about 19c (66f). I am not sure whether it just feels a lot warmer than that because I have no tolerance for this kind of thing anymore or whether it actually is warmer than that, but either way, it's what counts as a hot day here. Don't take my word for it, just ask a local person! 😉


Vicki said...

You're not alone in your dislike of the heat, a lot of people I know can't tolerate it.

"Bill laughs and calls me a liar"...lol!

Vicki said...

Sorry, I meant "shame on him" :)

Shari Burke said...

He's right--I do fib--LOL It seems more polite than bursting their happy bubble by saying, 'I'd rather it was 15 degrees cooler and raining' ;-)

Aritha said...

I hate the heat. I can't sweat so it is really hard for me. Wait, I am coming: let's drink/eat your smoothie together. It seems so "lekker" (delicious).

Shari Burke said...

You're welcome anytime, Aritha! :-) Hoping it doesn't get too hot there for the rest of the summer!