Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Where's Winter?

When we got our wood delivered a few weeks ago, I 'joked' to Bill that now we've gotten all prepared for winter, it might not arrive. Honestly, it was a joke!!! But perhaps Mother Nature didn't find it funny, because she seems to be withholding any hint of winter from me.

OK, I admit that I did get spoiled in this regard when we lived in Alaska, where there was always winter, and plenty of it!
photo by bill burke
photo by bill burke
We knew we wouldn't have much in the way of winter when we moved here, and I knew I'd miss it. People often ask how we're getting on in the cold and we just tell them it feels like spring, which it does for a good part of the year. Last year, we had a few days of winter, which mostly consisted of lots of black ice, but we had a few inches of snow that made me happy to look at. I know that snow wouldn't be good here--they're not really set up for it and just a few flakes causes a lot of hassle for people. But just a wee bit of cold air would be kind of nice. Just a little. Here we are, heading for mid-December, and it's a balmy +50f/10c out there. At this rate, we really won't have to use any of the wood. On the other hand, if Mother Nature forgives my little 'joke' and does decide to send me a taste of winter, we'll have plenty of wood to keep the cottage warm. We're three weeks and counting past the time when we usually start having heat on.

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