Monday, September 24, 2018

Twiggy Wreath: A Perfect Fit!

A friend recently gave me a twig wreath. I love twigs, bare branches, driftwood, etc, so I was quite happy to receive it. It's the perfect size for little embellishments, and it'll be easy enough to switch said embellishments as seasons change. First up, autumn. I've been doing some little cross stitch leaves using bits of thread and scraps of aida cloth. I wasn't sure if I would hang them on the wreath as they were, or make some kind of background. This morning, I thought of shells, so I went into our beachcombing tin and found a few with holes. I also crocheted some small maple leaves from scraps of sock yarn.
As it happens, it's the perfect circumference to act as a frame around the small round mirror that's attached to the door.
I like it! Makes me smile.

Hope there's a lot to smile about in your world today, too!


NanaDiana said...

That really is smile worthy! Love it, Shari. I hope you have a wonderful week- xo Diana

Lynne said...

Thanks for the smiles . . .
Give you a crochet hook, and you create!