Thursday, July 26, 2018

Beautiful Breakfast

Happily, I woke up this morning to some rain and slightly cooler temperatures. The forecast is apparently for a return to a more normal summer pattern for Ireland. I hope so. Not a fan of summer, but if there must be one, a typical Irish summer of a bit of sun punctuated by plenty of rain is pretty good and I'll take it over this heatwave extreme sun nonsense we've been having.

Even I will admit that there are a few good things about summer. My breakfast this morning contained some of them.
I've been making muesli as needed to make sure I have a continuous supply. It's perfect for a summer breakfast. I keep it simple by just mixing toasted oats, coconut, raisins, sliced almonds, and walnut pieces. I can eat it plain with milk, mix it into yoghurt, and add whatever fruit I feel like. This morning, it was some raspberries picked from one of the gardens here along with blueberries and bananas. Delicious!

Here's to the yummy stuff growing at this time of year!

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Lynne said...

YES . . . sounds yummy . . .
Fresh free berries . . . delightful . . .