Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Stuff You Notice and The Stuff You Forget

In the 38 years that Bill and I have been together, we have moved a fair bit--and once a year since 2014!--but this is the first time we have ever moved back to the same town, let alone the same dwelling. It has created a slight problem already. Bill had his INR test last week and got the results, but not the little booklet and printout that they post back to him. He knew he'd put this address on the envelope, so it should have arrived a week ago. Yesterday, he tried to call Letterkenny, where the lab is, to find out where it was, but no one was there. This morning, he'd picked up the phone to try again when it went off. They were calling him to say that it had been returned. We speculated that the post office people had gotten into the habit of returning our post a while after we'd left a couple of years ago and did the same with that. We don't know for sure, but Bill went to an Post and talked to the woman there, explaining that we were back. She said she'd tell the guy, so hopefully we'll get it tomorrow.

I walked to SuperValu today to pick up some groceries. Bill was waiting for the guy who boosted our broadband, so I went by myself. I was pleased about the wind and cooler temps and just happy to be out and about, noticing the tide coming in and watching the clouds. I picked up a chilli grinder.
I first discovered this when we were in Ballinrobe. I was looking for dried chilli flakes and they didn't have any, but they had this. It has dried chilli, black peppercorns, mustard seeds, dried onion, dried garlic, dried red bell pepper, and a bit of sea salt. I loved it and used it in a lot of different stuff--it's much better than dried chilli on pizza. I used it when we were here. Then we went to Moville and there was no longer a local SuperValu. I was disappointed when the jar I'd brought was gone, but we occasionally went to a SuperValu in a different town. I never could find it at them and eventually, I forgot about it. Glad to have it again--it was yummy on my omelette tonight!

Tonight, |I was thinking--and not for the first time--about windows in bathrooms. This is the only place we've lived in Ireland that has a window in the bathroom. This is good because it means we do not have to turn on the light all the time, thus not wasting energy. It is only dark for a few hours each night at this time of year, so we rarely need to turn on the light.

I was especially annoyed at the way the bathroom in the apartment in Moville was set up. There was a tiny 'room,' about 3 feet wide, with the toilet and a tiny corner sink. Next to that, off the entryway through a different door, was a room with the shower and a sink. This has windows of a sort--they cannot be opened as they are frosted glass blocks. At least they let in some light. The toilet room, or whatever it's called, has those long, buzzing fluorescent tubes for lighting, like you'd find in a shop or something. They were 3 or 4 feet long. It used to bug me every time I had to turn those things on. What a waste. I used to wonder who designed that set-up. I mean, people use the toilet far more often than they do the shower, so it should have been set up with the toilet in the space with the window. It would have been a simple matter to do it that way.

These are all the rambling thoughts I have to share with you today. I hope your thoughts today are pleasant!

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