Monday, April 23, 2018

New Book on World Book Day

Neither of us expected this to get here so quickly, but this book arrived today.
I came across the title while searching for something else on the library website. I love short stories and have a small, but growing, collection of short story collections, mostly written  by women, so it did not take me long to request the book. It arrived at the library while we were away and Bill picked it up last Wednesday. He dropped it on the couch and we marveled at the size--it is over 1000 pages. I sat down to look at it and was impressed with the contents of this collection, containing as it does a mix of authors who wrote in different time periods. Anna Katharine Green and Mary Roberts Rinehart, two early mystery writers, are included, as are better known writers from the 'Golden Age' like Agatha Christie, Marjorie Allingham, Ngaio Marsh, and Dorothy L Sayers. Charlotte Perkins Gilman is in here with The Yellow Wallpaper, a story that has always given me chills. Contemporary authors, like Val McDermid and Janet Evanovich are included as well--I have not read their work, but who knows, I might like it! And if I don't, there are plenty more stories from a wide range of authors to choose from!

So there I was, commenting on what a great book it appears to be, when Bill asked if I thought I'd keep it if it wasn't a library book. 'Definitely,' I replied, 'This is a really great collection.' There was a bit of clicking and then he said a copy would be on its way, albeit one without the dust jacket. 'Who cares about the dust jacket?!' I said. Later that day, he had a notice that it had shipped and the expected date of arrival was 3 May, so neither of us expected the postman to be knocking on the window today. Maybe the book faeries wanted me to have it on World Book Day instead of waiting another week and a half 😉

I hope your day brings some happy surprises, too!

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