Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Peace and Joy

Got out my posh roving scraps and felting needles late this afternoon and played around. All of these scraps are either multi-coloured in some way or have iridescent threads throughout. The ones I used today were all multi-coloured with 'stripes' running lengthwise.
This is a brooch--I love the marbled effect with the different shades of purple. Reminds me a bit of a stormy sky or pictures I've seen of Jupiter.

I started out doing smiley faces. Our daughter sent me a crochet calendar recently and yesterday was the day to open it. The first pattern is of a yellow smiley face cushion with hearts for eyes. It's cute and I thought about making something much smaller and with different eyes, since I don't want a full size cushion. I brought some yellow thread and my crochet hook pouch downstairs this morning, planning to stitch one. Then I started thinking about needle felting a double-sided one to hang in the window. I took down the December decorations today and have some space in the front door window. I might still make a very small crocheted smiley face for a different purpose, but today I opted to needle felt.

Both felted backgrounds are made from roving with different colours running lengthwise and the faces and hair are yarn snips left from weaving in ends of other projects. I laid them out and felted them on. I made each face separately and then felted them together. I'll add a hanger and stick it in the window.

Hope your day is full of peace and joy, too!

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