Thursday, January 11, 2018

Busy in the Kitchen

In addition to the 3-ingredient (4 in my case, actually, when I added the almonds) cookies I made yesterday, I was busy with some other yummy stuff.

A few days ago, jalapeno cheese bread popped into my head. We always loved it toasted and spread with cream cheese, but now we could use homemade ricotta, which I thought would be even better. It is!
I made the batch of ricotta and saved most of the whey. I will use it for pizza crust and other dough. Turns out it's also useful to add back into the ricotta, a little at a time, as needed. I noticed as I was making supper last night that it was a bit crumbly. Today when I took it out to use for lunch, it was even more so. I added a fair bit of whey back in and stirred it well until it was incorporated and the ricotta was much creamier and more spreadable.

I made some smoked mackerel chowder for supper as well. It was a great combination of the toasted bread with the fresh ricotta alongside the chowder.
We had leftovers for lunch.  And I had some new ideas for this weekend's suppers! Yay! Here's hoping things turn out well.

Hope you're enjoying your day!


NanaDiana said...

I did not know you had a blog! I am thrilled to find it. YOur food looks really good!!! I love your profile, too.
I will put you on my sidebar so I don't miss a single post.
Blessings- Diana

Anonymous said...

You are like me.....when I bake something, I like to make enough to last a few meals.