Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Second One's Done

I've been working on projects that I'd started through the spring and summer, but hadn't yet completed. In a couple of cases, they were big, warm, and not things I wanted on my lap during the summer. In other cases, I started and then got restless, so drifted to another project. I usually have a few different projects going at once, using different techniques, but this last summer I was finding it difficult to keep my interest going in any of my ongoing projects, no matter how enthusiastic I was when I began them. That seems to be over now, I am happy to say. I have ideas, plans, and stuff I want to try, but first I wanted to finish some of the stuff I'd already started. I finished my swoncho and a blanket. I completed a poncho, which I wore for a few days afterwards. Last night, I finally made the second armwarmer of a pair I'd started a couple of months ago. I made the first one in a little over an hour, set it aside, and then looked at it every time I was in the bedroom. I'd think, 'I should make that second armwarmer,' before moving on to a different project.
photo by Bill Burke

They're just a simple tube with a thumb hole done in a granny stitch. The pattern was in a small magazine our daughter sent me earlier this year. The yarn is black, an almost turquoise blue, and pale purple strands plied together. It's quite nice. I look forward to a cool down so I can wear them, but for now I am happy that the project is complete. I am thinking about making another pair, but making some changes. I have a ball of Noro that would work well.

After I finished this project, I started a piece using the scraps left over from the blanket. That should not take long. Just as well, since the bits and pieces of these various projects and the supplies I was using to make them were piling up alongside the bed and in the space around my end of the couch. It's much less cluttered in both places now! Yay!

I'm off to work on the heel flap of a second sock. Hope your day is pleasant and peaceful.

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