Monday, September 18, 2017


In the spring, I decided to use some of the wool I'd picked up at the charity shop in Killybegs for a warm 'thing.' I was not exactly sure how I would proceed beyond the first bit. As I was making one bit, I was thinking about how to make the next bit. I wasn't sure whether it would be like a poncho, a cardigan, a sweater, or a wrap when I started. At some point, I decided I wanted sleeves and was on the second one when it got too warm to have it on my lap, so I set it aside. Last week, it seemed cool enough to work on it again, so I brought it downstairs and worked on it a bit each day. I did a little more crocheting yesterday and then spent some time weaving in the ends.
It's not quite a sweater and not quite a poncho, so I guess it could be a swoncho.I wanted it loose, but not as wide as a poncho and I wanted sleeves. This way I can wear my backpack and not have everything bunching up too much. The yarn I used was all on cones and somewhere between laceweight and fingering. I used two strands together--sometimes the off white with brown or green Donegal tweed and sometimes the greens together or two brown strands together, using whatever stitches struck my fancy for each section. It's mostly regular crochet, with a couple of panels of Tunisian honeycomb.
After all that crocheting, there is still wool left on the cones. Maybe I will make some fingerless gloves and wait for things to cool down enough for me to wear my new swoncho (and all of my other wonderful winterwear).

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