Friday, July 21, 2017

Cable Ribs on Socks

As we waited for the day of our friend's arrival, I worked on a pair of socks to put in the small goody basket I had for her. I finished them a few days before she got here.
I did not originally plan to make the cables. I'd never used that particular sock yarn before and I could see that it had some colour changes, but I didn't know what they'd look like knitted. As I was making the cuff, though, I saw that there were the wide sections of the medium blue and I thought I could get away with larger cables. This was a 14 row repeat and rows 1-12 and row 14 were the same since I was knitting in the round. On row 13, I did the twists for the cables.

I worked the cuff on 68 stitches and the heel flap on 34. Then I picked up for the gussets and did the usual decreases every other round on needles one and three, but instead of decreasing until I was back to 68 stitches altogether, I stopped when I was at 72. I figured the cables would pull the fabric in a little bit. Since they are big cables, it wouldn't be a huge amount and the stretch in the ribbing might have compensated, but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry! They seem to fit, so that's good.

I'm about to start the heel flap on a pair of socks I've cast on for myself. This yarn is also some that I've not used before, but I see that the colour changes are short and the resulting fabric is busy, so the stitching for these will be pretty plain.

Hope your week has gone well and a great weekend is ahead!

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