Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Discovery: Bredagh River Trail

Shortly after we moved to Moville, we met a woman in the library who told us about the Bredagh River Trail. The way she spoke about it gave the impression that it was like a short muddy track or something, so we never made much of an effort to find it. She told us how to access it and we walked around the building she mentioned, but didn't really notice where we were supposed to go, and we never looked after that. Then I had all of the health issues from the mould and for me, walking sort of fell by the wayside, except when necessary. At some point during the past year, they put a sign up, visible from the road, and we commented that we should go down there sometime. Yesterday, Bill did. He was very pleasantly surprised! As he was walking, he looked up the hill and saw what he thought was another access point, which happens to be right across the street from where we live. We were on our way to the shop at the edge of town this morning and Bill wanted to walk over and see if we could access the trail across the street from us. We walked down the rather steep driveway (there's a handrail, which is handy) and sure enough, there, down some stairs, was the trail. I said we might as well go that way to the shop, so we walked along. What a hidden treasure! It's wonderful--wooded, shady, cool, quiet, beautiful, and there's the lovely sound of the river as you stroll along. There are a few benches along the way, too, so people can stop a while and just enjoy the surroundings.

bird hut--they were doing some work on it today--those are plants on the roof

It is not a very long trail, but it is so lovely and we have not seen quite all of it yet. It's a really nice way to get to the shop at the edge of town, too!

I hope you discover something beautiful today in your part of the world!

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